How to make a reservation on the new reservation page

How to make a reservation on the new reservation page
In the new version of TE Viewer we have also updated and improved the reservation page that our customers normally uses for room reservations. The result of this update aside from all the new features that has been included in the view is also a more effective reservation page where you can make a reservation faster and in fewer clicks than before. In this article we are going to show you how you how to do a room reservation as a student.

Step 1
On the start page we will choose the entrance "student". That is the entrance your students will use for room reservations.




Step 2
You will now be redirected to the page for room reservations. The new reservation page will look like this:



Step 3
We choose the specific room we want to book by click on the column that belongs to that room and on the day we want to do our reservation.



Step 4
You will now get a pop-up window where you set the start and end time for your reservation. You can see it in our example below.

Then you click "Reserve".



Step 5
Now you will see a confirmation window for your reservation. If you want to send the reservation by email click "Send reservation" and type in your email adress.

Your reservation is now confirmed and in the system.





Edit reservation
You can edit or cancel your reservation by just click on the reservation on the reservation page. You will then see a window where you can change the time or cancel reservation.




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