Log in to TE Viewer

Log in to TE Viewer

Follow these steps to open TE Viewer for your organisation:

Step 1

Go to www.timeedit.net in your web browser.

Step 2
Click "TE Viewer & TE Plan" – These two products namely share the same portal.


Step 3

Type the name of your organisation just as when you started and logged in to the client (it's enough with the first letters) and then choose from the displayed list:


Step 4

The home page for your organisation will then open:




The home page contains a number of portals that are either open (meaning anyone can access them without logging in) or locked (meaning you must log in to be able to use them).

Each portal can subsequently contain a number of pages that display schedules in different ways, or that handle different types of simple reservations. To be able to book in TE Viewer, you must first log in.

TimeEdit must also be configured for posting reservations via TE Viewer.

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