Customizing the calendar appearance

Customizing the calendar appearance

You can customise the calendar in many different ways. This can be done at different locations in the calendar window.

Customizing the appearance in the calendar window

At the upper-left corner you can see an icon with three horizontal lines. With these, you can: Change axes, split vertically and split horizontally. It's also here where you create reservation and ordering lists.


Changing dates or times in the calendar window

To show more or fewer days or hours on the calendar, we can also use drag-and- drop. Grab the line adjacent to days or hours and drag inward or outward to show more or fewer days or hours.


Changing appearance via the settings icon

On the left or right side, there is menu called Settings. There is an icon on the menu with three gears:


Click it to access a number of settings for your calendar window as illustrated below:


Saving your settings as a view

After you've made your settings in the calendar, you can save them so that you can use them again. You save them in a new view.
You can also do this at the bottom of the side menu by clicking on this icon:


And then click

"Save view as...".
This button is shown below:




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