The selection list

The selected list is the primary tool when you want to post reservations in the schedule. This makes it the most important window for your scheduling.
What is shown on the selected list determines what you see in the calendar window, and what you choose on the selected list determines what is included in your schedule post.


The selection list description

The selection list is mainly used for two purposes. It is used both for selecting objects when making a reservation and for selecting individual objects or a combination of objects in order to view reservations.
The selection list shows the types of objects that can be booked for the selected reservation mode, and also indicates which of these are mandatory to book. Mandatory types (1) are indicated with a trailing" x 1". The types in italics are optional to book.


When you select objects to create a schedule post, you must select objects until there are no longer any rows marked with "x 1" in the selection list.
Note that there are often additional “soft rules” beyond the “hard requirements” specified by TimeEdit’s booking rules. For example, even if TimeEdit indicates that booking a room is optional, it is still not a good idea to book a lecture without a room since you might then have nowhere to hold the lecture and the students will not know the location.

Once you have selected objects, there are additional object markings in the selection list:


Abstract objects on the selection list

Objects marked with an asterisk (*) are abstract objects.
These are objects that do not become unavailable when they are booked. A common example is subject, e.g. the object English.
Physical objects on the selection list
There are also objects that are normally of the type physical, but where an exception has been made for certain objects. One example is room, which is normally physical but for which you sometimes want to indicate a place, e.g. Forest, which then makes it abstract (and thereby not unavailable once it has been booked). 
Virtual objects on the selection list
Objects shown in italics are virtual objects. These are used when you order objects in TimeEdit and also when you want to indicate that you intend to book a specific object later, but do not yet know exactly which. 
Clearing the selection list


Use the symbol above the selected list to clear it.

When you clear the selected list, the calendar is also cleared and no reservations are shown. This does not mean that the reservations have been deleted. It simply means that TimeEdit is not displaying them right now since you did not specify which objects you are interested in viewing using the selected list.



The arrows above the selection list enable you to step forward and backward between different combinations of selected objects. With the left arrow, you can go back to a combination of objects you recently booked.


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