Windows, menues and lists

Windows, menues and lists

Calendar window, selected list, side menu, object list and booking mode are terms you will often come across when scheduling in TimeEdit.
The various menus are shown below along with information about what they are used for.


A – Side bar : This is where you choose the optimal view for what you want to schedule, and where you make your personal settings, find reservation information and more.
B – Calendar window
D – Object list: The objects are shown here that you want to book, such as instructor "Robert Anderson" or room "A112".
C – Selected list: Shows the types of objects that can be booked based on the selected booking mode (see arrow F). Choose a type for viewing the objects on the object list (see arrow D).
E – Week list: This list is used to choose the weeks that your reservation will be linked to. This is referred to as cluster booking (overlapping reservations).
F – Booking mode: This is where you choose booking mode, i.e. the type of reservation you want to make.

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