Create a reservation

How do I create a reservation?

When you schedule in TimeEdit, you do this with reservations. You use the calendar view in TE core to create and manage reservations.

We'll begin with explaining what a reservation includes and intails.
A reservation contains a number of objects of various types, and has a start time and an end time. It can also include various free texts. The types of reservations that can be created and the types of objects that can be used are tailored to your organisation, and for this reason may not exactly match the examples in this article. A reservation contains the following information:

  •   Date

  •   Weeks

  •  Start time

  •   End time

  •   Objects

  •   Comments

Creating a reservation

To create a reservation, you choose the objects you want to book and then drag the reservation out to the calendar. Follow these steps:

Step 1

Choose the preferred booking mode in the box above the selected list. The types that are marked with a trailing x1 must be selected before you can post the reservation in the calendar.

Step 2

Choose a type on the selected list.
The objects you are allowed to book will then be shown on the object list on the left.

If no objects are displayed on the object list, you can search for them using the search field above the list. If no results appear as you type, try clearing the "Related" check box below the field.


Step 3

Select an object on the object list by clicking it.
The object will then be moved to the selected list.
Now do the same thing with the following types on the selected list until you have the objects you want.
Using the mouse pointer, drag the object to where you want to create the reservation in the calendar.

Creating additional reservations with the same objects

It's easy to create additional reservations containing the same objects you already selected.
To create additional identical reservations containing the objects already selected, simply use the mouse pointer to drag them to the locations in the calendar window where you want to create the reservation.

You can naturally use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste reservations into the calendar window.
Note: When you drag reservations out to the calendar using the mouse pointer, it is always the objects currently on the selected list that are scheduled.

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