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Create objects in TE Core

Creating reservations when you schedule in TimeEdit largely entails choosing a number of different objects. An object can be the name of the instructor who is holding a lecture or the room in which it will be held.

Note: The views and settings on the selected list differ from customer to customer, and their appearance will vary.

Creating objects

In this article, we'll describe how you can create objects in TimeEdit. In this example, we'll create a room. The procedure does not differ from how you create other objects.

Please be aware that the access privileges in TimeEdit are unique for each client and may restrict the types of objects you are allowed to create.

Step 1

In the schedule view and on the selected list, are the headings Type and Selected. In the Type column, you can see "Room". This is shown in the following picture:


Step 2

Right-click the type Room and choose "New room".


Step 3

The dialogue box will now open for creating a new room. Fill in all the information that can be needed when scheduling the room. This fields is preconfigured when your database was configured.

Note: Some information is mandatory. Please be aware that TimeEdit is configured differently for each client so the mandatory objects may wary.


Step 4

Fill in the information that will be associated with the new room and then click Save. A blue box now informs us that object has been saved.

Note: This list will be at the top of the calendar window.

Step 5

We can now see that our new room is on the object list under the type "Room".

Our added room  is now on the list of bookable objects.

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