Doublebook objects

Doublebook objects in TE Core

There are situations in which you need to double-book one or more objects. Double-booking means that an object, such as an instructor or room, is booked more than once for the same time slot.


Step 1

First create a new reservation. To create a new reservation, see the article here on creating reservations.

We then go back to the selected list and locate the type that matches the object we want to double-book.

Next select the object by clicking it with the mouse.

Step 2

We now right-click the object we want to doublebook and choose "Allow double reservation".


Step 4

The object now permits double-booking and you can book the same object for a time slot where the object is already booked.

Note: Permitting double-booking is a system setting that is set for each object type. It can thus be permitted to double-book an instructor but not a room. If "Permit double- booking" is not displayed, it can be because the rules do not permit double-booking.


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