Log in to TimeEdit's scheduling solution

How do I log in to TimeEdit's scheduling solution?

To connect and get started with setting up a schedule in TimeEdit, you need the name of your organisation, e.g. "Stockholm University", your username and password.
This information is provided by your TimeEdit administrator. TE Core is run directly in your web browser and no other software is installed.

Step 1

Go to www.timeedit.net in your web browser.

Step 2

Choose TE Core.


Step 3

Type the name of your organisation (it's enough with the first letters) and choose your database from the displayed list.

so be sure to select the one you are supposed to log in to.

Your organization may have several databases


Step 4

Here you choose "Log in" under "TimeEdit".


This page will now open where you are asked to enter the login details you received

from your administrator.


Forgot password

There is also a "Forgot password" button here that you can use to request a password reset and a new temporary password that will be sent to your email address. When resetting, you will also can choose an entirely new password when logging in.

Note: If this is your very first login, you will need to click "Forgot password" and have your password sent to you.


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