Managing reservations

Managing reservations in TimeEdit 

in this article we will explain how you can edit and manage reservations. We'll cover the various selections and functions that you can use after you have posted reservations on the schedule, and later want to edit them.

Entering a comment for a reservation, and showing information about the reservation
It can sometimes be necessary to provide additional information for a specific reservation.

To add a comment to a reservation, do as follows:

Step 1

If you hold the mouse pointer over your reservation, an information icon will be displayed in the upper-right corner of the reservation.


When you click the information icon, information about the reservation will be shown on a panel to the left on the calendar. There you can view all information about the reservation, such as when it was created and edited it, and by whom.
At the bottom of the menu you can choose Edit or Edit all, depending on whether you want to add a comment to an individual reservation or several reservations.

With the keyboard shortcut CTRL+E, you can directly enter edit mode for reservation texts for active reservations.

Editing a reservation

In this article, we'll explain how you edit objects in an existing reservation. 

Step 1

Right-click the reservation you want to edit in the calendar window. Now choose "Change object".


Step 2

The reservation now enters edit mode and the reservation is highlighted. We can now access the selected list again. Next select type you want to change in the selected list.


Step 3

Replace those objects that you want to change by click on then in the object list, exactly the same way as you did when you first created the reservation. You can change multiple object at the time.

Step 4

Click the button "Save" and the changes will go thru.

Adding more objects to the same type of schedule post

If your reservation rules permit, you can add several objects of the same type to a reservation, such as more instructors or more rooms.

If you want to add more objects of the same type to your reservation, you can do this in two different ways:
Follow the instructions above to edit the booking, but at step 4, press and hold the CTRL key (or CMD on a Mac) while you choose more objects on the object list. You are not replacing the selected object, but rather adding to it.

If you select the type name on the selected list instead of the object, the object you now click on the object list is added to the selected list without the previously chosen object disappearing.
Similarly, there are two ways to remove an object from a reservation.

Follow the instructions above but at step 4, press and hold the CTRL key (or CMD on a Mac), and then either click the object you want to remove from the selected list or click the minus sign to the right of the object you want to remove.

The object will then move from the selected list to the object list.

Moving a reservation

To move a reservation, just use drag-and-drop to move it to a new location.

Changing reservation length

To edit a reservation, use drag-and-drop. Place the mouse pointer at either the upper edge or lower edge of the reservation, depending on the direction in which you want to change the time. Now press and hold the left mouse button and drag in the preferred direction.

Cancelling a reservation

Follow these steps to cancel a reservation:

  1. Select the reservation in the calendar by clicking it.

  2. As previously mentioned, the reservation information will be displayed on the

    left panel. Click the red button at the bottom to cancel, and then click it again

    to confirm cancellation.

3. Finished.


You can also right-click the reservation and then choose "Cancel".


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