Deactivating objects


Deactivating objects

If an instructor has resigned or if a course is no longer available, it can be good to clean up the lists in TimeEdit. You can then deactivate the relevant objects to avoid having them appear in your search results.

Note: Only administrators may deactivate objects.

Do as follows to deactivate an object:

Step 1

Go to the selected list and select the type that has the object you want to deactivate. In our example, we will be deactivating a room, we select the room type on the selected list. All available rooms are now shown on the object list.

Step 2

Right-click the room you want to deactivate on the object list and then choose "Modify object" on the menu.


Step 3

A dialogue box opens with a small check box to the right called "is active".


Clear the check box and then choose "Save". The object is now deactivated and will no longer appear on your lists. As long as the object is deactivated, you cannot select it either.

Note: Even if an object is deactivated, the old reservations remain on your schedule; they do not disappear. 

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