New look of the Customize section in TE Viewer

This update is now availible on testservers, it will be released in production 3rd of December


New look of the Customize section in TE Viewer

The Customize section has been re-designed. It is now more intuitive while keeping all of the functionality. You will still reach this section by clicking it when you are showing a schedule


We will in this article present you with the changes we have done and also show the differences from the old look of this section in TE Viewer.



The settings in Views, Color, Style, Time, Filter, Export and Sort have been redesigned and reorganized.

The main changes are:

  • Intuitive naming of settings
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Info icons with tooltips to explain advanced settings





  • 'Ska_rmavbild_2019-11-15_kl._13.11.41.png



In detail:

  • Customize menu has been reorganized in two tabs Layout och Reservation
  • Layout - settings for page layout
  • Reservation settings for reservations - text and colors


  • Export has been renamed to Download and can be found in the page header.
  • Print has been renamed PDF document and can be found under Download.



  • Filter has been moved to page header.
  • Radio selectors have been redesigned to dropdown menus.


  • Color checkboxes have been redesigned to dropdown menus with checkboxes.


  • Time format checkboxes have been redesigned to radio selectors.


  • Row header setting has been divided into Row header and Column header. The change makes it easier to understand each type of header.


Minor Improvements

  • The reservation popup has a new “Show more” section containing
    • ID
    • External ID
    • Created by (if setting “Show created by” is set)
    • Modified by (if setting “Show created by” is set)
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