New look of TE Viewer 🎨

New look of TE Viewer 

Our product TE Viewer has gone through a total makeover and got a whole new look. We have updated everything from fonts to views. The result is a new modern, much cleaner version of our Viewer. We here at TimeEdit hope that you are as satisfied as we are about this update.

The following changes has been implemented in the new version

  • A new modern, simpler and cleaner look.
  • New and improved navigation between pages.
  • An improved and more effective bookingpage for room bookings.

In this article we are going to go for a tour around the new look to see how it going to look for you when you are using our product TE Viewer.

Start page
Earlier when you have navigate to in your web browser you have been forwarded to this page.



Now you will be forwarded to our new start page. You can now see the new look with the new logo and the new fonts on the entries.



Search page
If we move on to the page you will see when you are searching for your schedule we will also see the difference between the old and the new look.

Here is what the search page looked before we launched the new version.



And here is what the new search page looks like.



The page where you view your schedule is also a part of the new improved version. Here is the old one.



And here is the new one.


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