Drafts in TE Core


With the release on December 8th, TE Core will gain much more powerful draft functionality. Essentially, drafts offer the functionality previously called experiment mode, but adds the ability to have multiple simultaneous drafts and to switch between drafts and non-draft reservations at any time.

What is a draft?

A draft can be thought of as a separate layer for reservations, which can be laid on top of existing reservations without interfering with them.

Reservations in a draft only appear when you are viewing that particular draft, providing you a way to experiment with scheduling solutions and compare with current reservations without needing to handle collisions and other problems at the same time.

If you decide to implement a draft, its resevations will be moved out of the draft and become visible to everyone. At this point, collisions will of course need to be handled as usual, and if a reservation can not be moved out of the draft it will remain so that you can decide if you want to resolve the problem or discard the draft reservation.


The draft list


The draft list is a new section in the sidebar. From here you can create, rename, and remove drafts as well as move between drafts and no draft.

Selecting a draft applies everywhere in Core, you remain in your selected draft as you switch between views, reload the page and so on.


When a draft is active, a green bar with the draft name to the left will be displayed at the top of the view. Just like with experiments, all views display resevations on the current draft, with any reservations in reality striped in the background.


Reservation lists also display the collision column.

As with experiments, you can also create a new draft straight from the right-click menu in the reservation list. See more below.


  • Drafts are personal - only you can see and change your drafts, and there is no functionality for sharing drafts between users

  • Reservations can't be copied between drafts

  • Drafts can not be copied

  • Multiple drafts can't be displayed at once - as before, calendars will display reservations in the current draft, with reservations outside of drafts below

Changes to experiments

The right-click menu in the reservation list has changed a bit: when you want to use reservations in a draft, you first select (as before) whether you want to copy, copy without fields, or modify.

Then, you select if you want to perform the operation in a new draft, or send the reservations to one of your current drafts.

Note that this is only enabled when you are not currently in a draft, you can't copy or move reservations directly from one draft to another.

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